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About Us

Inspired by a small group of friends in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 2001, RUFF RIDER soon evolved into a brand as the interest and friend base grew... With P-Town being one of the most popular Summer destinations (and the place to get RUFF RIDER gear), the brand grew across the United States and actually around the world... Owning a RUFF RIDER tee or ball cap was something that became an absolute necessity for a lot of us...and still is.

The mission was: inclusivity, anti bullying and just plain fitting in, and we have never steered off course. RUFF RIDER continues to strive to embody the message of hope and the power of overcoming life's challenges. Regardless of who you are, you have a place with us.

You be you! You've earned that badge and RUFF RIDER has been there along the way! Keep good company with RUFF RIDER.

Live Free Be Strong

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